My Recommended WordPress Plugins

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These are the plugins I usually start with when developing a new WordPress site. If it’s a static site with no blogging involved, some of these don’t apply. But more often than not, these are the “staples” in my WordPress cupboard, so to speack!

– Akismet (anti-spam – loads with WordPress Installation)
Block Spam by Math (basically a math “Captcha” system)
Subscribe to Comments

Tweet, Like and Share, GooglePlus1 (this is an all-in-one plugin, not 3 plugins)
Facebook Like Thumbnail (Let’s you set a default thumbnail that will be displayed when people “Like” your post/page/site)
Sociable (adds a wide variety of share buttons to the end of each of your blog posts – highly configurable)
Twitter Tools (if blogging – A few tools to connect your blog to Twitter, mainly used to automatically “Tweet” to your followers that a new blog post has been made)

FD Feedburner plugin (Redirects your blog’s RSS feed URL to your Feedburner URL)
YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – Lists additional posts related to the post you just published)

All In One SEO Pack (makes automatic optimizations to your posts based on your settings – also allows for individual optimization of posts)
Google Analyticator (adds the Google Analyticator code to your site and allows you to optimize its settings from within your WordPress Dashboard)
Google Sitemap Generator (creates an xml sitemap for your site and automatically updates it and pings Google each time you add a new post or make a change)
Headspace2 (if blogging, to customize the “read more…” text – also has a wide variety of SEO tools similar to ‘All In One SEO’)
Robots Meta (Let’s you keep very tight control over what does and does not get indexed, followed and archived by the search engines – also includes “verbose explanations” to help you make smart decisions)

WP DB-Backup (for easy manual and automated database backups of your WordPress database)

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