Google Search Improvements Make SEO For WordPress Even Easier

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SEO For WordPress

Fresh content is easy with WordPress

Google’s recent changes to improve the quality of search results include several changes that illustrate why SEO for WordPress is so easy! One of the things search engines want, in a big way, is fresh content. Easy to do with WordPress, right? Just blog it!

These are the items that illustrate why sites that use WordPress have an advantage over straight HTML web sites:



Fresher and more complete blog search results: We made a change to our blog search index to get coverage that is both fresher and more comprehensive.

Image result freshness: We made a change to how we determine image freshness for news queries. This will help us find the freshest images more often.”

So you can see that if you have blogging capability, which is so easy with WordPress, and blog regularly, you are going to have a distinct advantage over static sites that just sit there displaying the same content month in and month out. Add images to your posts and you have an even better chance!

So thank you, Google, for making SEO For WordPress even easier. Now stop reading and go write a blog post! But leave me a comment first. ๐Ÿ™‚

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