WordPress Brute Force Attacks and Security Best Practices

WordPress Security Best Practices against Brute Force Attacks and Hacking There is a current security/performance risk for all WordPress blogs. There are a large number of WordPress "brute force attacks" and hacking happening that are both hacking into WordPress web sites and also causing DOS … [Read More...]

SEO For WordPress

Google Search Improvements Make SEO For WordPress Even Easier

Google's recent changes to improve the quality of search results include several changes that illustrate why SEO for WordPress is so easy! One of the things search engines want, in a big way, is fresh content. Easy to do with WordPress, right? Just blog it! These are the items that illustrate why … [Read More...]

URL in Web Browser

How To Create Descriptive Permalinks for SEO with WordPress

What Search Engines WantDescriptive URLs (Permalinks)A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is just a web address, i.e. http://blogsolace.com. In WordPress and other CMS/blogging applications, this is also called a permalink.Why Search Engines Want This InfoHelps Describe ContentOne of the things search … [Read More...]

My Recommended WordPress Plugins

These are the plugins I usually start with when developing a new WordPress site. If it's a static site with no blogging involved, some of these don't apply. But more often than not, these are the "staples" in my WordPress cupboard, so to speack! COMMENTS - Akismet (anti-spam - loads with … [Read More...]

Easy Blog Help for WordPress

Welcome to the re-launch of EasyBlogHelp.com! I started this site a few years back as mostly a community-driven site, and it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. So I am re-launching it as an article/blog site with how-to's on things you can do with WordPress! The how-to's will definitely … [Read More...]